It looks like the pizza revolution is going into full tilt. Crusts are thinner, toppings are lighter and there are plenty of new ingredients to sample. Thin is in at Rizzo’s!

The great NY pizza slice is an elusive dream, but many Astoria locals feel they’ve found it in Rizzo’s on Steinway Street, and with good reason: Rizzo’s thin crust pizza, with amazingly light and airy dough, are models of skill and subtlety. Even the Sicilian slices practically blow off the plate.

Thinner and lighter than a typical Sicilian, Rizzo’s amazing crust is the compact format for a thicker layer of chunky sauce made from whole tomatoes.

(...) the family pride, personable service and old-world quality are treasured relics from another time.

Rizzo’s services a somewhat sophisticated assortment of classic thin crusted Sicilian pies as well as traditional Neapolitan versions, along with daily specials. They are special, always hearty and filling, and topped with real zesty homemade sauces.

There is no best of Rizzo’s, because Rizzo’s uses only quality ingredients, so whatever you choose you’ll probably leave content.

Brooklyn is the thin-Sicilian country, to be sure, but the holy grail of the rarefied style is at Rizzo’s.

Sophisticated restraint shows a minimal toss of mozzarella and a flick of parmigiana and Romano, which allows the zingy tomato sauce to shine through. And the crust is perfect: exceptionally light and tender, about a quarter-inch thick, with a crunchy golden raised edge.

(...) each Sicilian pizza is a work of art. The sturdy foundation, a shallow extra-extra crisp crust is topped with a thick layer of rich tomato sauce. The cheese is an unblended combination of grated parmesan and whole milk mozzarella.


4 ½ Stars

“Best thin crust pizza ever.”

“A balance of tasty sauce and good cheese.”

“As far as thin crust pizzas go, Rizzo’s is the best.”

“I make it a point to pass by every time in Astoria.”


Rizzo’s in Astoria is the home of the wondrous thin-crusted Sicilian slice. (...) homemade sauce, full-cream mozzarella, and just enough Romano cheese to give his pizza a little zing.

(...) unusual thin-crust Sicilian pie covered with vibrant homemade tomato sauce, creamy top-quality mozzarella and a touch of Romano cheese.

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza on Steinway St. in the famed Astoria section of Queens is known for its thin-crust Sicilian, but we couldn’t resist also trying the barbecue chicken pizza, garlic knots and a classic cheese slice.

The thin “tasty” squares come with a “tangy sauce” at this enduring “local pizza joint” in Astoria.

(...) good quality tomato, sauce, mozzarella, grated Romano cheese and a thin, resilient crust.

I’ve never seen a Sicilian quite like it.

A neighborhood staple for over 55 years (...) Made famous for their mozzarella-topped square pizza (...)

A neighborhood institution known best for its square pies.

New York City’s 26 Most Iconic Pizzerias

#29 Rizzo’s Fine Pizza, Queens, NY

Rizzo’s serves square slices with extremely thin, crispy crusts. Toppings are layered in a way so that even the first bite still gives way to a satisfying crunch.

It looks like the pizza revolution is going into full tilt. Crusts are thinner, toppings are lighter and there are plenty of new ingredients to sample. Thin is in at Rizzo’s!

Thinner and crispier than most Sicilian pies, Rizzo’s crust is the ideal flatbed for its chunky, zesty tomato sauce. The classic shop was opened in 1959 by partner Joe Rizzo, Sal Rizzo, and Hugo Lupi. Joe likes a balance of sauce and cheese.

“Everybody who praises my pie praises my sauce,” says Joe Rizzo, who bakes the best Sicilian pie in New York with a small quantity of ordinary mozzarella and grated Romano. “It’s strictly from whole tomatoes.”

“The tomato,” says Rizzo, “it’s very important.”